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House Bill 365 was introduced in the Missouri House of Representatives in January 2015.  Item #5 of HB 365 can be referred to as the "Right to Fail" bill. 

Here are some possible problems with HB 365:

  1. How will "proficient" be defined?  It was described by the bill's sponsor as at or above the national average. ACT (and Missouri) uses the ACT Math Score of 22 as a cut score for College Algebra.  The national average is below this.  (2013 Average math score was 20.9).

  2. What data is there that the ASVAB or GED test scores can be used to predict success in College Algebra?

  3. Is it crystal clear that this legislation is referring to MATH scores, or can it possibly be interpreted as a composite score?  "shall have achieved at the proficient level or higher on a comprehensive assessment or assessments taken after the student's eighth grade year. ...may choose the ACT, the COMPASS, the  ASVAB, or the GED, or an end-of-course statewide assessment in each core area of mathematics, communication arts, social sciences, and science."

House Bill 365 

Remember it this way...if passed, this will affect our students 365 days out of the year!